Truth has been sought throughout the ages and philosophers have affirmed that beyond the borders of the individual, egocentric self, there is a deeper reality and a higher self, far more true. SSEHV covers all these aspects of truth, by exploring the outer world of phenomenon – the world we see, touch and feel – and the inner world – the world of being, conscience and consciousness, which is the root cause of all the rest, as are the roots of a tree, of the trunk, branches, leaves and fruits.

To abide by truth means cultivating truthfulness, honesty and sincerity, self-analysis and purity, accuracy and fairness, fearlessness and integrity.

"What exactly is Truth? Is it a description of a thing as one has seen it without exaggeration and understatement? No. Or, the narration of an incident in the same words as one has heard it narrated? No. Truth elevates. It holds forth ideals. It inspires the individuals in the society. It is the light that illumines man's path to God."