Earth Day has been promoting environmental awareness and protection since its launch by the United Nations in 1970, and is celebrated globally on April 22nd every year. With 'World Human Values Day' following shortly after on April 24th, there is an opportunity to commemorate both occasions through activities that promote respect and gratitude for Mother Earth.

Each one of us interacts with the environment every single day, both directly and indirectly. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, how we travel, our use of electricity and water, how much air transport we use, the amount of waste we produce, the thoughts we have, all impact our environment. In every action, we can choose to be more conscious and act in a way that cares for our environment.

Observing 'Earth Day' and becoming more aware of our individual and collective choices on a daily basis, will help us restore the natural balance, so that man and Mother Earth can coexist in peace and harmony.


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