"Love All, Serve All" [LASA] is a musical project conceived to spread the universal Human Values of Love, Peace, Truth, Righteousness and Nonviolence and to inspire others to live according to these values. LASA promotes Human Values through inspiring songs. Everlasting songs spread worldwide. Evergreens over the years to benefit not only present, but also future generations. Through music, LASA celebrates Unity in Diversity among nations, cultures, races, religions and creeds.

LASA connects people, particularly youth, throughout the world by creating a network of musicians and singers joined by the same enthusiasm, appreciation and willingness to spread the message of universal Human Values. The aim is to create, practise and perform joyful, gripping, catchy evergreen songs based on Human Values; to create music that inspires, spreads positive thoughts and makes a lasting impact on the world. If you have musical skills and wish to join this project, please contact us at:

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