Walk for Values

"Walk for Values” is a community programme designed to raise awareness to practice Human Values and to promote individual and collective responsibility for the progress of humanity.

The goals of the Walk for Values is not for publicity purpose or funds collection but to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of practicing Values in our daily lives and by taking a
    pledge at the event to practice values for personal transformation, and to bring a
    transformational change at the local, national and global communities by being exemplary
    in the society.
  • Practice a value of one's choice as a means of self-transformation in order to bring about
    change not only in our personal lives but in our communities.
  • Raise awareness about Universal teachings with respect to values and
    service projects, and/ similar teachings of exemplars like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson
    Mandela and other great leaders of the world.
  • Invite the public at large, other community/ faith groups, schools, businesses, and
    dignitaries regardless of race, religion, colour, creed or socio-political association.