An Envirofest programme was held in Trinidad West Indies on the 14/10/18 at the Sai Nilayam to
educate and raise the awareness of all on the positive impact we can all make on the environment.

Attendees numbered 175 and included about 75 Sai members and about 100 non non-members,
Including pupils from Sathya Sai schools with their parents, invitees from the Hare Krishna
movement, The Living Waters Christian Community and the Bahai faith.

Activities included planting of flowering plants and shrubs on the compound of the Sai headquarters
The pupils also started their own kitchen garden.

Art and craft done by the school kids on environmental themes were also on display.
There were talks on the environment, water conservation and tips on tree planting and animal care.

Booths displaying solar panels and energy efficient light fixtures were set up.
Healthy Go green smoothies , fruit and vegetable infused water were shared in bio-degradable cups.The children also enjoyed pony rides.
Hot lunch was served to all in biodegradable food boxes.
The feedback from all was very positive.