EduCare for Women

Women are the core of the home, of the nation and the world. They are the mothers who form future generations and have to fill their hearts with spiritual yearning for light and love, together with wisdom and bliss. The feminine principle is the base on which a peaceful and happy world should be built. If women are sincere, brave, kind and full of compassion, there will be a chance for a peaceful and joyful world.

A women, no matter her school degrees or her social level, should be deeply convinced that her real charm consists of a good character and that morality is the feminine soul, modesty is the life power and truth, a daily duty. Devotion is to be considered a feminine quality. Women lead their families along the spiritual path and have to cultivate humbleness and strictly follow a correct behaviour, both religious, physical and moral, being aware that this represents the essence of each forming process.

Mothers can lead a nation to success because they shape its soul’s strength. Culture is as sweet as a mother is; the progress of a nation depends on its mothers. If mothers take care of their families, they also protect their nation. Mothers’ task is that of teaching their children the love for truth and rectitude.