Ceiling on Desires

Often, we are misled into believing that happiness lies in the fulfillment of our desires. In fact, the very nature of desires is that one leads to another! If there is no limit to desires, they keep multiplying and there is no sense of satisfaction however much one posseses. 

“As desires increase, happiness diminishes. Desires are like luggage which is a heavy burden in the journey of life.
Less luggage makes the journey more comfortable. Therefore, gradually reduce your desires.” - Sathya Sai.

"Ceiling on Desires" is a practical tool to help us reduce our desires by placing limits on the usage of four key resources: money, food, time and energy. Avoiding the wastage of these four resources results in the cultivation of peace. 

Here is a short video with helpful questions that can guide us to make mindful decisions and better choices before actually buying something!