Peace Prayers in Northern California, USA

In order to raise awareness about the unity of faiths, SSIO volunteers in Northern California joined the Multi-faith Voices for Peace and Justiceand the American Muslim Voiceto host the annual 9/11 Peace Prayers and Picnic at the King Plaza in Palo Alto. Different faith groups offered songs, scripture readings, and prayers stressing the message of love and peace.

The evening started with a picnic followed by a children’s choir, multi-faith prayers, musical presentations and ended with a candlelight vigil. SSIO members presented a short musical programme, which was enthusiastically received by the audience. The 9/11 Multifaith Peace Prayers programme reflected the message imparted by Sathya Sai Baba about oneness and unity of faiths. An unifying force of love that overcame the sorrow and grief inflicted by terrorism on 11thSeptember 2001 in New York.