What I have learned from you…

This is the game of giving tribute to family members. All participants in this game should sit in a circle with a sheet of paper with their name and the initial part of a sentence “What I have learned from you is…” The game starts when each person gives the paper with his/her name on it to the person on the right. The person on the right finishes the sentence with something special and important that he/she learned from this person. When finished, the written part of the paper is folded so that the text is not visible to others and the paper is given to the next person on the right. When the paper with your name comes back to your hands, the circle is closed / the action part of the game is over.

Let everyone read what is written on their paper. This can be a good reason for a family share. You can ask questions and give extra explanations. It is very important to be positive. It is time to pay respect and tribute to everyone in your family. It is possible to be surprised. Sometimes, we are not aware of what others can learn from us. Some common things can be very significant to others. You can play this game with your close friends as well.