Family Coat of Arms

On the exemplary of old noble families, create a Coat of Arms of your family. Use the symbols that show strength and values of your family. It would be best to invite all family members to create it all together, so that it is equally important for all.

You can divide your drawing in three parts: in one part, draw the symbol of family past, in the second part, draw the present symbol and in the third part, the symbol for family future.

The drawing can be divided in other ways too. For example, in the first part you can draw the symbol for the best family experiences, in the second part the symbol of the strengths that helped you in difficulties, and in the third part the symbol of the things that will keep your family together.

Or instead, you can let each family member draw the symbols for the things he or she considers important and you can use these symbols to create a common picture. These symbols should express the distinctive and recognizable family features.

The family Coat of Arms should have a special place in your house. All family members should agree to that place.